2014 is off to a great start, I hope yours has been as eventful as mine…..

Early in the year I shot a pilot for HBO called ‘The Brink’ which has been picked up to series and we will start shooting in August.

In February I worked on a film called ‘Annabelle’, fans of ‘The Conjuring’ will know all about this one as it is a prequel to the box office hit.

And at the moment I am filming ‘American Sniper’, a film based on the book by the same title. It’s the story of Chris Kyle, known as the most lethal sniper in U.S. Military history. This experience is one that I will always cherish. It has always been a goal of mine to work with Clint Eastwood, and now that I am afforded that opportunity I am doing all in my power to soak it up and learn from one of the best we have in our business. We spent three weeks in Morocco to begin the filming and now we are back in LA through June to continue.

I wrote a blog entry about my time in Morocco which is up on my blog page now so click the Blog tab for that and other things I find worthy of writing about…when I have the time.

In addition to the blog entry I have posted some photos from my time in Morocco and the rest of my journey. You can follow me on Instagram – Username: ericladin – and check out both personal and work Photos and Videos in the Gallery section of my site.

In personal news, Maxfield is doing great and becoming a dad has been life changing in so many ways. Katy and I are enjoying parenthood so much that we are adding a new addition to our family! Maxfield’s brother will be arriving in August and our whole family can’t wait to meet him!!

Well, you know the drill…

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updated April 26, 2014

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